BMW R1150GSCalifornia, Arizona e Nevada grand circle
August 2007

California, Arizona e Nevada grand circle

August 2007
7 days, 2600 miles and you will know a lot.


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This was a car trip with a couple friends from Brazil. We did the quick Western Tour to them.

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The first two days we stay around our house, then we start the tour.

When I pick Nelco and Sonia at the LAX we immediately drove towards Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The centennial palms in Beverly Hills are really beautiful and impress a lot.


palms in Beverly Hills

At Rodeo Drive we always can spot some personality shopping. Could not see who was in this Rolls Royce, but it's some car


Rolls Royce at Rodeio Drive

The famous hotel from the movie Lady in Red , Beverly Hills Luxury Hotel , at the corner of Rodeo Dr. and Wilshire Blvd.

Four Seasons Hotel
From Rodeo Dr. we went to Hollywood. This is the main mall where all the Oscar's are delivered Hollywood mal
And then the also famous Chinese Theatre. Chinesse theatre

Walking at Rodeo Dr.

Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills

Way back on the pictures, below the first crossing, you may see the famous Hollywood sigh.

Hollywood center
And down below the center you can see the also famous Walk of Fame walk of fame

I found one of my favorites singers Elton John

Elton John walk of fame
as well one of my favorites actors, Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins walk of fame

Then we went to my secret spot to take pictures of the famous Hollywood sigh. Is there a way to go really close to the sigh.

And that was the end of the first day. Actually it was only half day.

hollywood sigh

The second day we head to San Diego area, and stop at March Field Air Base Museum.

to see some nice jets and cargo planes sthealt plane

In Coronado, near San Diego, we had a chance to see this guy doing para-surf??, He has a surf board on his feet and a parasail on his back, and was going back and forth on the beach, by the wind.

para surf in Coronado Island
Coronado beach. One of the few with real white sand coronado beach
Then we had to stop at Anthony's for a good fish and view to Maritime Museum. The pictures shows the "Star of India" an import cargo ship from the old days star of india
San Diego always have some interesting thing to do, like see a real soviet submarine... B-39 B-39 submarine
... or a real carrier, open to visitation, the Midway where you can visit for hours if you have time to spend. midway carrier
then you also can check the sails there sails at san diego
going north, near La Joia, there are some secluded beach's la joia beachs
and some interesting ships, like this one on the photo: a ship repair for other ships. The damaged one can go dry, inside the repair boat. The beige one on the left, as well the second smaller one at the center. reapair boat

Another closed beach near La Joia

la joia beach

with a lot of sea gulfs .

And that was the and of our second day.

sea gulfs
Then Sunday we start our grand circle. Palm Springs was our first destination, where I could show Nelco how the rich people can get a cool breeze on the desert: the pay to install giant fans to make that hot city of Palm Springs to be cooler. wind enercy
Few miles later, on I-10 and we hit the General Patton museum. General Patton war museum
and then we cross the famous California aqueduct california aqueduct
and as soon as we entered Arizona, a big cactus for our delight arizona cactus

The by afternoon we were at our first major destination on this trip: Montezuma Castle.

It was an ancient village for indians, dated for the years 1100 to 1400, that suddenly disappear, believed by a long dry period.

montezuma castle
Later we got to Sedona, a beautiful county with many red mountains and formations sedona mountains

famous for it's mysticism and exoteric.

That is a very nice church in a rock.

sedona church in the rock
Leaving Sedona, going North towards Flagstaff, there are this amazing motorcycle road going up the mountains. Hwy 89 sedona Hwy-89

and there we saw some wild life. A few dears/elks along the road.

We slept at Williams, a nice little town in Arizona.

elk wild life

The next day was kind of mix feelings:

The Grand Canyon West was suppose to be a great experience... At the and I think it was a rip-off. Tourist trap.

grand canyon west
First you have to endure almost 30 miles of very dirty road. If there is a car or a truck in front of you. Stop and let it goes because you will see nothing on the road. dirty road
that is how it looks dirty road
the last 11 miles are paved. They are inside an Indian Reservation of the Hualapai grand canyon west

when you get there. after paying $80 for a meal and for the right to walk on the skywalk, I realized that I'm not seeing the grand canyon, but a side arm of it.

The Grand Canyon is about mile North, and much deeper. This is just a louse side arm.

grand canyon
then once there, you cannot take your camera to the skywalk. They say that is for your protection, but at U$28 per pictures, using their one pictures service that was way too much. skywalk at grand canyon west
then you have to pay for the lockers before entering. Quite rude people there attending you that we decided not to leave it there. My friend went to the skywalk, I took pictures of him, them we switch. skaywalk lockers
next to the skywalk there are some fake huts and wannabe be indian tents, legit tourist trap. indian huts
The food was good. The meat was delicious, but the people serving you there were way too rude. If you have to think if you want meat or chicken, then will push you on the line... indian food
then I took few more pictures of what is 'near' grand canyon grand canyon
and using a 200mm zoom I could spot the Colorado River (the real Grand Canyon) way there grand canyon
So I walk towards a place that I could at least tell that I saw the Colorado River Colorado River
This security was making sure nobody walk close to the rim. grand canyon
We left there and about 4:00PM we were ate Hoover Dam. hoover dam
it's always is a great view. Now they are constructing a road pass over the mountains (can you see it on the upper left?) It will short the passage in about 30 to 40 minutes. hoover dam, lake mead
and at night we were in Las Vegas. We stay at Treasure Island Hotel treasure island hotel
Caesars Hotel. the artificial sky is an amazing view caesars hotel
and the beautiful Bellagio Hotel bellagio hotel
Inside the Bellagio hotel they always have a different show/exposition corvett at bellagio
this summer was to the famous Hwy 66 roses at bellagio
Treasure Island treasure island hotel

the fount at the mirage hotel

mirrage hotel
Next morning we walk at Vegas Strip for half day las vegas strip

and again at the Caesars sky.

Then we depart Vegas, towards ...

caesars foruns

the magnificent Death Valley.

This pictures was taken at Dante's Peak, at 8.000 feet

death valley
and this was take at BadWater, at -280 feet bellow sea level. Both places are about 1 to 2 miles as the condor fly from each other.

Do not miss the Painter Pallet turn off.

Many natural colors on the mountains.

death valley painer pallet
and of course there are the sand dunes. death valley sand dunes
and today we got the hottest day, 47Celcius (117 Fahrenheit) temperature at death valley in summer
and the next day we got 14 Celsius (57 F) at Juno Lake, just few hours of Death Valley. temperature at Juno lake in summer
Juno Lake is another loop you cannot miss when driving up on Hwy 395 Juno Lake
and then there is the Mono Lake mono Lake
After that we went to another major destination, Yosemite Park. Mule team caring supplies to a expedition inside the park. horses crossing at yocemite park
is hard to see but there are 3 teams of escalators on this picture. rock mountain
Yosemite park is always marvelous. rock mountain

The half dome at Yosemite.

Some many many years ago that was a full dome. They say that it crack and the rock went down on the valley bellow.

half dome
half dome half dome at yosemite park
Yosemite valley yosemite valley
this was the location of the movie Maverick. yosemite valley
Next day we went to Napa valley with another couple of friends who take us to a nice tour on the area. napa valley
some nice vines napa valley vinicula
  oakville vinicula


we had lunch there and depart towards San Francisco vinicula

and the Golden Gate Bridge was there for our amusement.


golden gate bridge
Alcatraz island alcatraz
Bellas Artes Museum bellas arts museum
  san francisco
houses in San Francisco san francisco
  san francisco
the famous Lombard street lombard street

and also famous cable car.

We rode it to downtown and walk back.

cable car
San Francisco cable car cable car
the view from Pier 39 golden gate
Fishersman wharf fishersman warf
the chinese district chinese distric

Fisherman's Wharf

And that was the and of our day.

fishersmans Wharf
Today we wake up near Sequoia National Park sequoia
Nelco has 2 of this planted on his own backyard. sequoia park
Of course we had to take pictures here at the Tunnel Log. tunnel log sequoia
and walk all the way up to the Morro Rock morro rock
because the view from there worth it. morro rock sequoia
  sequoia tree


wild life at sequoia
  sequoia tree
and that was the and of our trip. Just rode straight home from here. sequoia park


Click on each day for a map view

180 -
180 miles - 9:00hours Home to LAX and sightseend Beverly Hills and Hollywood  
260 miles - 9:30hours San Diego  
510 miles - 12:30hours

Home to Williams

Motel 6
330 miles - 6:00hours Williams to Las Vegas Treasure Island Hotel
370 miles - 10:00Hours Las Vegas to Bishop  
410 miles - 12:00Hours Bishop to Roseville Alvaro's house
250 miles - 9:30Hours Roseville to Modesto  


490 miles - 14:00Hours Modesto to Home  

Who is Elton

I was born in Brazil and moved to USA, California in 1996. Took me some time to learn the language and get into this country, but I think now I'm doing quite well. I became an American citizen in late 2007.
I love to travel and by the time I was writing this page, I had logged more them 140.000 miles on the motorcycles I have/had. My current bikes are one 2002 BMW K1200LTe and one 2003 BMW R1150GS. Also there are many more miles on my car and much more on airplane trips.
Winter I try to do Snowmobile. Summer is time for water sports (PWC) and I motorcycle year around (one of the benefits of living in sunny California)



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