BMW R1150GSCambria, California
May 2007

BMW R1150GSCambria, California

May 2007


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Entering Santa Paula, off CA-126, there are this bronze statue of 2 motorcyclist.

This road is very famous.

A stop at Bill Mayer, famous for his bike seats.

Bill Mayer
Going on CA-33 is one of the most beautiful riders in Southern California CA-33 Motorcycle road
CA-58 is another great MC road A real motorcycle road
Note that you go down and up on the other side of the mountain. Real MC road The road is winding on green fields
lunch stop Stop for lunch
CA-58 is great MC road CA-58
  Honda Valkirie

Mike with our dinner on the back seat.

Mike and his honda
In Santa Margarita they were having this Porsche Carrera rally. Lot's of them Porche carrera
Another great road: Ca-46, from Passo Robles to Cambria CA-46 Motorcycle road
Near Cambria there is this great campsite. MC campsite
And that is the view from our tent. ocena view
We found this great place to pitch our tent. Tent for 2
Where the sunset was amazing Sunset
Pacific ocean beach sunset
Eliane and Elton. Sunset at the Pacific Ocean. Eliane and I
Dolor and Angela ridding our GS R1150GS
another view of our campsite MC campsite
  honda bmw motorcycle
Today we had a strong wind. This tent was about to fly at any moment. tent flying

Who is Elton

I was born in Brazil and moved to USA, California in 1996. Took me some time to learn the language and get into this country, but I think now I'm doing quite well. I became an American citizen in late 2007.
I love to travel and by the time I was writing this page, I had logged more them 140.000 miles on the motorcycles I have/had. My current bikes are one 2002 BMW K1200LTe and one 2003 BMW R1150GS. Also there are many more miles on my car and much more on airplane trips.
Winter I try to do Snowmobile. Summer is time for water sports (PWC) and I motorcycle year around (one of the benefits of living in sunny California)